Work in progress

February 2024

The Sudden Death of a Massive Star (left image) and Unknown Event (right image), are part of Last When, a new series I started working on in early september of 2023. My inspirations and inquiries in this new body of work are the astronomy space regions called black holes and the idea that a dark void lives inside every one of us and whether this black area is the salvation of the cosmos or the immediate end of this world. Is it the Anthropocene our event horizon where we are going to witness the forever disappearing of species and ecosystems?

Last When, is in the early stages of production. I have envisioned the transmutation of nine black-and-white film photographic images into six mixed-media photo-sculptural objects. With this project, I'm expanding my artistic practice with mixed-media works that have length, breadth and some simulation of depth. There are elevations and depressions due to the layering of the photography with the watercolour paper, but also holes with lights that I hope create another type of spatial connection between the artwork and its viewers.