An Ocean Roaming through the Forest


I have approached this project from three different materialities. Please choose from the options below that will take you to the correspondent gallery.

Sound art
• Installation


I started working on this project in early 2022. However, images of water flows powerfully filling big empty spaces have been in my dreams since I was a kid. An Ocean Roaming through the Forest, is an exploration of turbulence as a physical phenomenon and as a metaphor to refer to complex situations in our daily existence. Turbulent flow is a scientific term for the unpredictable motion of a fluid; it is partly measurable, so we know it is everywhere. What it is not known, with certainty, is how it starts but above all, its evolution is impossible to predict once it appears. Much of the physical world is governed by moving flows; think of oceans, rivers, wind or forest fires. A flow can become turbulent and behave unpredictably; however, if turbulence arrives in an environment where there is not a constant source of energy where it can feed from, it decays. We similarly flow through existence going up and down. When turbulence appears in our every day, life becomes an ocean upon which we can easily flounder. Turbulence is a phenomenon that might be looking at the universe as a force of destruction, transformation and change, but it is also a way of looking into an inner state of being. An Ocean Roaming through the Forest is an in-progress interdisciplinary project that points outwards into the world and inwards into our psyche. What is the relationship between turbulence and the everyday? Is turbulence a power able to completely transform or destroy everything that it touches? Are some things better understood when broken? Is being alive another state of turbulence?