non predictible (47:01 min)

I -  0:00 to 14:59 min.

II -  15:00 to 29:59 min.

III -  30:00 to 47:01 min.

Field recordings: water currents, river, rain, waves, crows, bees, wind in the forest, streams, flies, mosquitoes, thunder, glass breaking, birds and hail.

“Non-predictable” is a soundscape of three parts of approximately 15 minutes each. Also, it is an exploration through the auditory part of turbulence in nature. How do sounds of wind hitting trees or tones of moving water feel kindred with emotions in flux? "Non-predictable" recognizes sound as a part of a greater sense of the environment. What is the relationship between turbulence and the fact our humanity is loudly tearing down the natural world?   Is turbulence a power able to completely transform or destroy everything that it touches? Is being alive another state of turbulence? Are some things better understood when broken?

I built “Non-predictable” layering sounds; however, there are several elements for which I have changed the duration of their original recorder sampling rate. This change allows sounds to slow down and modify their pitch. This reshaping of sound waves gives access to alternate sonic realities that are there, but we do not perceive. I field recorded all the sounds in the boreal forest around Whitehorse, where I live, and at the Tombstone Territorial Park in Yukon Territory, Canada.